About e3FunctionalMedicine.com

e3FunctionalMedicine.com is a resource for patients and providers interested in functional medicine. This website provides common sense insights into what patients might need to know about receiving functional medicine and what providers might need to know about practicing functional medicine. This site is not intended to be an exhaustive review of functional medicine, but in keeping with e3Business principles, an easy, effective and efficient perspective of functional medicine.

The tabs in the menu above navigate the site. The links on the bottom of the page navigate away from the site. Right click the links on the bottom of the page and choose “Open in a new window” to stay on this site and open the link in a new browser window. Please be aware that like all web sites, the sites listed have their own agendas that should be considered with the information presented on those sites.

If you are a provider looking for information on functional medicine practice management, please also visit www.e3FunctionalManagement.com.